Dancing special for new dance students
Dancing special for new dance students

Wedding Dances

If you are getting married and would like to prepare for that first dance as a married couple, Dimensions School of Social Dance can help look your best on the dance floor.

We have had plenty of experience creating a unique, memorable experience for both you and your guests as that special song starts to play and you begin your first dance as husband and wife.

Whether you are looking for something traditionally romantic, fun and flirty, or an off-the-wall dance that will blow everyone away, we can put together a dance that suits your style and personalities, as well as your schedule and ability.

Some couples are looking for specific dancing choreography for their wedding dance, while others plan ahead to learn some social dancing basics so that they can enjoy their time on the dance floor all night.

Whatever you might be looking for, Dimensions School of Social Dance can put together a customized dancing program to make your wedding reception a night you’ll truly enjoy and never forget.

wedding dances
wedding dances

Parents…what about you?

Parents of the bride or groom are also welcome to plan ahead for father-daughter or mother-son dances, and perhaps to brush up on some dancing basics for themselves.

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