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Dancing special for new dance students

How long does it take to learn to dance?

We’ve found that no two students are quite the same in this area, but generally it will take at least a few months before you feel like dancing starts to become part of your muscle memory. Like any physical skill, repetition is the key to making dancing feel natural and easy.

By utilizing a combination of private lessons, group classes, and practice parties, youlll find yourself making strong progress as you start taking lessons.

Do I really need private lessons? Can I learn just taking group classes?

At Dimensions, we believe that group classes are an essential part of learning to dance, but that it is much less efficient on its own that as a supplement to private lessons. Coming to group classes can provide a great opportunity to practice a couple of specific things over and over, but if that’s the only way you’re learning, you may find that you’re forgetting a lot of what you learn from class to class. We’ve seen people who have been taking group classes for years with very little progress become confident, skillful social dancers in just a few months of private lessons. There’s not really a substitute for the hands-on, personalized attention that comes from working one-on-one with an instructor.

Do I need a partner to come to lessons?

You do not! If you have a partner, your teacher will work with you as a couple, but if you’re coming in on your own, your teacher acts as your partner as well. At our group classes, we rotate partners so you’ll have a chance to dance with a variety of people. And our Friday night parties are very social, and so those with and without partners are often asked to dance by several other students and staff members.

Where can I use the dancing I learn?

You’ll be amazed by the opportunities to dance that you may already have in your day to day life! If you have a wedding this summer, that’s a perfect opportunity to take your new moves out on the dance floor. Have a cruise or vacation planned? Add a little dancing to your itinerary. Maybe there’s a holiday party or New Year’s Eve event where there’s a band or DJ, or even a restaurant or pub you frequent that has live music. All these are great examples of opportunities to hit the dance floor. In addition, our studio does a monthly “Night on the Town,” where we take our students out dancing somewhere special. And once you meet a few fellow dancers at Dimensions, you may find you’re being invited out dancing with new friends to a few places you’ve never heard of before!

For more information about Dimensions School of Social Dance, ballroom dancing, and learning how to dance, please call 219-250-2246. We look forward to hearing from you.